If you are looking for the latest and easiest Kimono experience, look no further than THE KIMONO RENTAL HOUSE in ASAKUSA.
We have everything you need, so get down here and get ready with the hottest Kimono outfits and accessories in Asakusa.
Our rental packages let you enjoy Kimono in Asakusa all day long.

People from all over the country enjoyed our Kimono.

Group reservations are welcome and you can come all at once!

Standard KIMONO Package

This package includes everything you need. Our kimono professionals are ready to get you dressed from our large Kimono selections.

Package Fee :
5020 Yen ( Tax included)

Package Includes:
Kimono, Obi(belt), Haori(jacket), Bag, Jyuban(inner), Tabi sox, and Zori(Sandle)
You can keep your Tabi socks with you after the Kimono experience.

Summer YUKATA Package

(Package is available from June 16 through September 31)

YUKATA is only available for a limited time in the summer. YUKATA is a casual cotton kimono which is worn as a summer wear.
If you are experiencing famous Tokyo’s stifling hot summer, why not experience Yukata. Not only you do look cool but also you will feel cool in Yukata.

yukata package

Package Fee :
Women’s Yukata 5516 Yen
Men’s Yukata 7776 Yen
(Tax included)

Package Includes:
Yukata, Obi(belt), Bag and Geta(Japanese clog)
You can keep your Geta with you after the Yukata experience.

Premium Package (Only available for Women)

ASAKUSA’s Number one KIMONO Rental shop’s most recommended package. This Premium Package has the highest quality out of all the packages. If you want to taste the real deal, consider selecting our Premium Package.

Package Fee:
9780 Yen ( Tax included)

The Premium Package includes:
Standard package PLUS Obi Decorations, Collar Decorations, and Hair Accessories. You can also customize YOUR HAIR which goes with the KIMONO perfectly.
You can keep your Tabi socks with you after the Kimono experience.


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